Label: O Sótão Records
Cat: OSO005
Format: Vinyl, Digital, Streaming
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 17/05/2024

O Sótão Records is thrilled to announce the label debut of Lisbon-based producer and DJ, sometimes jah, with the five-track EP, Le Grenier. The story behind the EP is a happy accident of shared musical taste. „I stumbled upon sometimes jah’s music online, drawn in by the jazzy elements, lively instrumentation, and sublime sample use,“ explains Francisco Esp., head of O Sótão Records. „After learning he was based in Lisbon, I reached out on a whim, and to my surprise, João (sometimes jah) was super-open!” Aptly named after O Sótão (Portuguese for „attic“ or „grenier“ in French), the EP is a trip through textures of deep, jazzy, and groovy house music, twisting and turning at a high pace. The heat outside simmers down, the night falls and you can feel the excitement of another summer season…

While currently based in Madrid, João’s musical journey began in his hometown of Lisbon. Inspired by the sounds of the 90s, listening to his parents jam out with friends, these are deeply rooted in his records. „I’m endlessly inspired by artists who infuse soul into house music,“ João explains. „It’s an intangible quality, but when you hear it, it resonates. Maybe it’s a beautiful jazz chord, or a bassline perfectly locked into the groove. That’s the feeling I chase when I create.“

It all comes down to that: inspiration is unpredictable. „I might even record myself humming a bassline on my phone to capture the idea. Then, I build a track around this inspiration, laying down drums, and then basslines, samples, or chords, and build off that.” Hardware synths and drum machines collected over the years add unique textures, and in the end, it’s about finding the balance between adding flavors and keeping things simple.

Le Grenier features four original tracks primarily created in Portugal over the past six months, complemented by a remix of Llorca’s “Indigo Blues” classic. „Coming back from two years in Sydney, I instantly gravitated towards a more jazz-house sound,“ João explains. „Reuniting with my white Telecaster in Lisbon allowed me to improvise with guitars and create a more organic sound, evident in the first three tracks.“ The final track, „between the lines,“ explores a different sonic territory, showcasing João’s experimentation with electronic instruments and synthesizers.

While Le Grenier marks an incredible debut record for sometime jah and a milestone for O Sótão Records, it’s just a glimpse into the artist’s boundless creativity. We believe you’ll hear more from him pretty soon.