Label: Apparel Tronic
Format: digital
Genre: Jungle, Breaks, House
Single Release Date: 19th of July 2024

Body Gospel by Darius The Barbarian is a compilation of written nostalgic rap tales that express the power of connection through the mind, body, sex, and ego. Sexual connection, self-admiration, scenic hoe ego checks and it’s all through the wide-lens. This experience is libido inducing, whilst the project is infused with Electronic ghetto-tech inspired bass lines and textures. This is the voyage to enlightenment with your captain Darius the Barbarian. That’s what the next record out on Apparel Tronic is about, in the artist’s own words. An eight-track digital mini LP by Darius the Barbarian, a 26 year old MC, vocalist and performer located in NYC, marking the 22nd release on the main Apparel Tronic catalogue. More so known for his cheeky raps and lyricism, Darius dives into merging the alternative side of Electro with Hip-Hop, Ghetto House, modern Footwork and many more experimental dance genres. He is no stranger when it comes to making a good scene whether it’s through his music or on your personal television. The Barbaric persona continuously shines through, which will always serve as reminder of who he is. The producer of the Body Gospel, Moodrich, spent three weeks with Darius in NYC, working closely together on the record and recording almost every day, with their creativity just „flowing around the room“. Most of the instrumentals has been made over the past few years and, the producer says, “sounded like they were unfinished, but now I know why…”. „Body Gospel” testimonies the love and the artistic bond between the two. Apparel Tronic, which since 2017 established itself as the home for the most audacious sonic experimentalists, is thrilled to host such a groundbreaking record on the label.