LABEL: Dealt With Records
GENRE: Deep House
5th June – Can’t I Just Be? / Magician’s Secret
12th June – Can’t I Just Be? (Alton Miller Remix) / Can’t I Just Be? / Magician’s Secret
19th June – Full EP

Track Descriptions:

Sonic Juncture’s latest release on Dealt With Records, ‘Can’t I just Be?’ represents a new era of musical growth for the artists. Encapsulating this is the titular track, an intricate departure from their usual style. ‘Magicians Secret’ has tinges of the Sonic Juncture of old but is transformed due to the duo experimenting with their sound from the Apollo 11 moon lander while on ecstasy. Collaborating with house music legend Alton Miller to remix ‘Can’t I just Be?’ isn’t just a highlight for Sonic Juncture, it’s a testament and headnod to the quality of their music.

‘Can’t I Just Be?’

‘Can’t I Just Be?’ offers an introspective melodic journey for the listener. Sonic Juncture have produced a piece of electronica—a spiritual and almost tribal, chilled-out piece of house music—suitable for a soothing listen on headphones while in transit, played loud on an Ibizan terrace, or enjoyed in a beer garden on a sunny day in Brighton.

“‘Can’t I Just Be?’ was conceived during a hectic period in George’s personal life. Crafting the track became a means of slowing down and tuning out distractions, restoring equilibrium. The title itself embodies this sentiment, and strangely enough, by the time we completed the track, George was feeling notably better—a curious coincidence, isn’t it? After establishing the captivating bassline and keys, Josh meticulously chopped up samples, weaving them into the track to craft the delightful call and response interplay.” – Sonic Juncture

Beginning with two chords slowly marching through a tunnel of dubbed-out saxophone and spaced-out pads, it’s immediately clear that this music would be suitable for inclusion on a Nightmares On Wax or Zero 7 ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation album. The musical complexity is immensely rewarding on good speakers or headphones, akin to a singular sine wave of musical dopamine pulsing through your veins.

‘Can’t I Just Be?’ is like a b-side from a forgotten Cymande record, reimagined by Louie Vega. Latin percussion, dubbed-out saxophone and guitar, and echoed piano tinkerings meld with trippy reverberated pads. It epitomises top-tier chilled house music, providing a glimpse into the soul of Sonic Juncture.

‘Magician’s Secret’

A cosmic slab of proggy acid-house music is served hot n’ fresh on ‘Magicians Secret’.

Built on a solid dusty groove with kick drum, bongo and cowbell – a 303 bassline squiggles forth from the sweaty jungle, instantly firing up your impetus to groove. The vocals of a summoned spirit seem lost in the wind, ghostly words float and fall, chemically altered to hypnotise listeners to dance.

“Magician’s Secret started off as such a simple groove that George was feeling one day after work. He added some trippy vocals to cement where he wanted the track to go before sending it to Josh, who worked some absolutely magical synths into it and boom – there it was, an atmospheric roller that absolutely fit the bill for this EP!” – Sonic Juncture

‘Magicians Secret’ could slip into the record collection of artists such as Artwork, DJ Harvey, Krystal Klear or Glasgow’s own DJ Billy Woods. This sweaty, peak-time roller encapsulates the psychedelic hedonism found at Pikes, Ibiza, Potato Head Beach Club or DJ Harvery’s new place, Klymax Discotheque in Bali.

This has the Dealt With Dancefloor Filler Guarantee.

‘If the dancefloor isn’t filled with this bad boy, you’re entitled to ask for your money back!’

‘Can’t I Just Be? (Alton Miller Remix)’

The introduction is delicately adorned with intricate details—clicks, clacks, snaps, skipping hi-hats and snares fill the percussive landscape. Alton demonstrates a mastery of tempo and timing, seamlessly unveiling elements like tinkling keys or sweet pads that harmonise the track’s components.

Elongated horn notes gently drift, engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue with the piano keys, evoking a dreamlike conversation in the clouds. This remix offers an elevated reinterpretation of the original, infusing it with a wholly organic electronic energy as if sourced from a thunderstorm, with lightning bolt keys and a drum pattern created by the rain. Alton pays homage to the original while painting the sky with the colourful notes of his own

‘Can’t I Just Be? (Acid Groove Mix)’

The peaceful serenity of the original is still there and thus a welcoming breeze of chilled electronica flows over you…

Queue an energetic acid line and an upped ante of audible urgency.

An alternative yet increasingly complex percussion configuration elevates the original to a shiny, happy new place – for those who need an extra shot of coffee in their morning cappuccino.

Artist Bio:

Sonic Juncture comprises of DJ/Producer talents, George and Josh. They each initially embarked on separate musical journeys. Josh, whose rhythmic abilities were apparent from infancy as he played with pots and pans, he then matured his skills through guitar and production. Meanwhile, George refined his musical prowess through piano before immersing himself in diverse electronic genres. Their paths intersected at Falmouth University, sparking the collaborative journey that is Sonic Juncture.

George spent the last 2 years engrossed in the breaks/ garage/ electro scene of Bristol but now the duo are firmly rooted in the vibrant Brightonian music scene.

For over five years, they’ve been crafting their signature sound, blending melodic elements with rhythmic intricacies. Acid, breakbeat, garage, electro and euphoric house music with a chemical twinge have been a calling card of the producers.

Their creative process is often enhanced by plugins like VPS Avenger and Arturia Pigments. While hardware synths and drum machines have their charm, efficiency drives them towards VSTs and sample packs.

They embark on a new endeavour in 2024 as this year will bring the birth of their own record label Ecliptic Sound. Featuring a variety of both self releases and the works of other artists.

As fans, they revel in festivals like Dimensions and Houghton, savouring the intimate atmosphere and eclectic sounds. As DJs, you’ll find them DJing by the beach at Westival, blending genres seamlessly and igniting the dance floor field.

Their musical influences range from Bonobo, Bicep, Job Jobse, Joy Orbison, Four Tet and on and on, there isn’t enough time to mention every influence but each contribute to their evolving sound.

Whether reminiscing about Bristol’s breakbeat & Brighton’s garage scene or getting lost in deep house daydreams on the Welsh coast, Sonic Juncture’s music is a testament to their diverse inspirations and unwavering passion for electronic music.

The guys have released on labels such as Chequered Wax, Fresh Take Records, Andras Record, NOIDEA, Remmah & now have their first release with Dealt With Records.