BPitch Control takeover this Thursday at Cookies. The label was founded in 1999 by Ellen Allien as a platform for electronic music artists to showcase their work and push it in a joint effort. Sporting names like Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke, or Modeselektor, BPitch means serious quality. Speaking of serious we picked out Aeréa Negrot for our night who will be performing live before taking it to the turntables. With her strong voice and passion for performance you can expect rising temperatures and sneaker-snapping beats so leave the heels at home and wear a sweatband. Joining us as well is the lovely Georgina Fernandez aka Baby G. With her versatile style of playing records you can expect anything from dry acid house to warm and frizzy disco beats. Looks fun, sounds fun – FUN!

Born and raised in Barcelona, Georgina Fernandez aka Baby G has been spreading the disco gospel throughout Europe since the mid 90s. From London, Barcelona and now Berlin, she developed different projects resulting a label Superdiscoteca, two productions teams L.S.B. (with Pete Herbert), the most recent Dance Disorder and vocal collaboration with the Glimmers. A real music fan and devoted disco disciple, Georgina has also djed around the globe from Miami to NY, Brazil, Australia, China, Thailand and, of course, all over Europe. While focusing on a new production and live act project with Robin Crafood as Dance Disorder, securing EPs and remixes for Eskimo, B Pitch Control, Snuff Trax, My Robot Friend or Factory City, Baby G is carrying on delivering consistent disco house dj sets with increasing success.

Aérea Negrot’s live performance is all-encompassing: an explosion of performance, sex and singing. She juggles with her voice, stretching it into every extreme. From shrill high notes to deep, dark ones, she relishes the entirety of her range and vocal potential. The product is a collage of classical music crossed with electronic beats that fuse into a unique combination – a kind of techno opera. Born in Venezuela, Aérea knew early on that she wanted wings. Further nourished during Sunday visits with her grandfather to the airport in La Guaira, her hometown, this desire ultimately inspired her name – Aérea – an homage to all that flies. Via Porto, Amsterdam and London, she landed in Berlin in 2004 where she was discovered by „Hercules and Love Affair“.

Dj ILL O. ist der Prototyp eines Dj’s, wenn es irgendwann einmal Dj’s im Supermarkt zu kaufen gibt, dann stand er dafu?r Model. Seit den ersten Atemzu?gen konnte er dieser Kunst nicht enkommen. Vater Dj, Grossvater Dj. Man kann erahnen wie sich seine Vorfahren ihr täglich Brot verdient haben. Er ist berlins bestes Pferd im Hip Hop Stall.

Cookies Berlin
Friedrichstr. 158, 10117 Berlin