GLITCH is a monthly series of daring sonic artists, A/V acts, and live cinema performances curated by Perfect Entropy Productions at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. at the second edition we present you:


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt born in Chicago, is a composer/ producer of experimental music and founder/curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records. the compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt also releases music under the moniker – more black then god.


warm orchestral elements, ambient electronics and percussion that evoke space. slow, soothing tempos. vocals that are passionate and authentic.


Loganic is the creative life force moving through the person Christopher Logan. by exploring visual arts, DJing/soundscaping and dance, Loganic makes rhythm visible and speaks in the colors of music.

entry is 7€ at the door or 5€ with online advance tickets.

Vorheriger ArtikelCluberöffnung in Neukölln: Promenadeneck | schillerpromenade 11 am 17.1.2014
Nächster ArtikelM.I.K.Z PRE-OPENING PARTY HIP HOP Meets TECHNO 25.01.2014
Born 1972 DJ since 1992 Owner of THE CLUBMAP Part of Zug der Liebe & OpenAir to go