We’re back for good at Chalet Club. Bigger and louder than ever. And of course we invited some just as good guests. Besides a fat ass additional soundsystem and two floors, running all night long, we have this time no one else than three of the most exciting upcomers of 2013. Our first guest is no one else than Bella Sarris, who definitely needs no further introduction after her unforgettable set at one of our last WEWORKTOMORROW sessions. The second gang member we invited for our night is the Orlando raised but newly Berlin based wunderchild and uprising dub phenomenon Randall M. Bella and him will play an extended B2B set. Be prepared. And last but not least, there will be certain guy taking over the decks, going by the name of David Gtronic. The man who released throughout the last year numberous afterhour anthems trademarked by his unique, raw and minimal sound. We’re excited.


Bella Sarris (ENTER/tINI & the gang)
Randall M (Draft/tINI & the gang)
David Gtronic (Serkal/Art Of Dark)


Ian Tricus (Weworktomorrow)
Lion Bakman (Weworktomorrow)
Max Albàn (Weworktomorrow)
Suburbians (Kallias) & STYROPORNO