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Beware Music Collection
Herzbergstraße 55 Berlin 10356

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Beware Music

Eröffnung. Opening 20.09.14, 19h

Music is not only conveying a feeling but telling a story. Collection is creating a never ending reservoir and pool for interpretation connecting the senses. Photos staging the music, music staging the photos: a symbiosis of two collections.

Collection, a process of creation.
Collection, a personal diary.
Collection, a very private yet public one.

A mysterious photo album found on the sidewalk, leads to a woman. Random scenes last and unfold with time. The question of muses and artistic inspiration arises and one glance becomes a revelation due to the inspirational path heading two ways.
Through the profound exchange between both collections, connections and narrations unfolded: the photo collection inspired the composition, the composition led back to the photos and a sudden link between them was revealed and reintegrated in the collection of sounds.

Collection, provides not only a storyline but unfolds and reveals the diverse paths of artistic inspiration spreading out while composing music and unraveling how inspiration can reflect back and disclose new things in the object of inspiration itself.

Collection creates an Edition of 13 selected artworks which can be again collected.
Collection creates an Edition of 25 special compilations which can be again collected.

Collection, an ongoing reservoir of inspiration.

Beware Music Collection