Dry Wet (Digital / 12″)

Presenting DRY WET we are presenting the most emotional side of Reboot. We are showing you a special moment of his own life, which happened only a few months ago. After some darker times of a complicated personal cycle, he finally got back to the studio and felt – in his own words: “I was getting back to a very special place, a place that I hadn’t visited in a long time!”. We’ve all been there, a place to go back and have peace with ourselves and with life.

The EP name is DRY WET – it’s about these moments of life that we all share. A moment, we can cry, smile, lough and love. This feeling that the drought is over.

What we can say about Reboot. He’s the soul of NOON. Reboot is a guy who loves music and needs to share his emotions through it.
As an artist, he’s an exceptional producer, who keeps the balance between the technical and the emotional sides of the music – in his certain own way.