VINYL RELEASE: 9/23/2014
DISTRIBUTOR: Crosstalk International

Two of the Black Madonna’s most sought after early tracks return to circulation alongside one burning new jam on Goodbye To All This, the latest release from Stripped & Chewed.

Drawn from the Chicago label’s 2012 compilation Livin‘ For The City EP, the piano dappled joy of „Exodus“ luxuriates across side A, spreading the good word with a pounding beat. „We Don’t Need No Music (Thank You, Rahaan)“ from SCRS004 takes another whirl around the dancefloor, its pinwheeling horns and infectious vocals pulling even wallflowers into the fray. And in case two remastered sure-shots aren’t enough, the brand new „Who Do You Need“ closes the record with a soulful thwack: half uplifting house, half blistering techno — all peak-time fodder. A fine addition to the Black Madonna’s discography alongside records for Argot, The Nite Owl Diner, Hometaping Is Killing Music, and of course Stripped & Chewed.