Ready for a second round of a night „With Compliments“ at Fiese Remise?

After a very very very drunken, loud and long „ESKALATION“ in February, we damn are and therefore team up again with some more noisy friends and unite for another extraordinary double dancefloor action. Because this time it’s „For Friends with Compliments“ we’ve got some special drinks, entrance gifts for the first guests and a lot of looooove for you! Every day we will announce one act, so you can enjoy the full list of party animals in the final day of the party and have another night to remeber!

The creatures of the night are:

► Adrian Friedrich (TANZMICHMAL)
► Sergej Gorn (Get Physical)
► Franz Alice Stern (Trapez/Poesie)
► Suburbians (STYROPORNO)
► Torsten Zarth (UKW)
► Toby White (Moon Island)