Dub isn’t what you would call „mainstream“ in Berlin. Nevertheless there is a vital dub community who love this very special music – crossing the genres and highly experimental on the one side – not hiding their roots and history on the other side. As Berlin has become an international playground for musicians and artists from all over the world, unique dub styles has been coming up from the underground in this city – influenced by the old Jamaican dub masters, the UK Dub and Dubstep movement – and – within the last years – the hard dirty electronic dub school coming from France.

Tonite we present two extraordinary Berlin dub bands – Braintheft and Psychedelic Orchestra – together with our friends from St. Etienne, Brain Damage Dub Sessions:

While the warm and deep dubby soundscapes of Brain Damage reflects the musical landscapes of their label „Jarring Effects“ (…with bands like High Tone, Kaly Live Dub and many others…) their sound is elegant and playful more than driven by dirty electronic beats. Their repertoire has collected inspirations and ideas from many sides and even more from collaborations with musicians and bands all over the world: We like to call their music being driven by the most true dub spirit you could imagine!

With the Berlin-based „Braintheft“ we then encounter a very urban dub style, sometimes crushed and mixed with post-dubstep bass music and disturbing noize samples – just to tumble down and back to sweet dopy headhunting tunes. Braintheft has become the most recognized dub export from that city – with sold-out concerts and international attention becoming regular attributes.

Incredible hypnotic dub tunes are coming from the Psychedelic Orchestra, kicking you off to some deep and long psychedelic dub sessions to open your mind’n’heart for the upcoming berlin dub experiences of that special night.

Don’t miss it!

20:00h doors
21:00h concerts

Brain Damage Dub Sessions (Frankreich):
Braintheft (Berlin):
Psychedelic Orchestra (Berlin):

presale 16€ (+ add. fees)
doors: 20€