Welcome to our second off location party in Berlin. The first edition, 1st of May, was insane at Neu west Berlin. This time round we chose Marie Antoniette. A multiple uses event space that suit our Halloween party concept for this year. Select*Elect had a quiet busy months organising parties in Barcelona at Razzmatazz, Lyon at Terminal and Amsterdam at Ade.
We are so excited to be back home for Halloween that we can’t wait to see you all partying like muertos. Halloween dress up is not a must but it would be suitable to give to the atmosphere a certain uniqueness. Besides our residents artists that deserve high attention, we bringing a top secret guest who loves delivering quality music. He’s a rare appearance among the Berlin scene. For those who decide to dress up , we will be running a competition …Get ready because this one is going to be INSANE.. Please write us at network@selectelect.net to find out how to get there, guest lists and so on.

Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin

Website: www.selectelect.net

Start time: 22:45
Price ticket at the door: €10 on RA €7


Lamb ent
Federico Farina
Nacho Sauchelli
Special guest ( cannot announce the name, secret)