Matthias Meyer
Watergate 20
Watergate Records
CD – digital
EAN: 426003831196_7
RD: 18.03.2016

01. Kettenkarussell – Ten Friends 02. YokoO & Retza – Satori 03. Leafar Legov – Tribal Girls 04. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – Turgoyakk 05. Matthias Meyer – Uluwatu 06. Johannes Beck – Nachtwache (Tristen Remix) 07. Palms Trax – In Gold 08. Langenberg – Ideosami 09. GHIZ 10. Herzel – Daydreamer (Palms Trax Backroom Office Tool) 11. Hyenah – Soak It feat. Nonku 12. Matthias Meyer – LA Strings 13. Raucherecke – Malibu 14. Alejandro Mosso – Formosa 15. Marco Resmann – Fluid Of Life 16. Underworld – Crocodile (Innervisions Orchestra Mix) 17. Matthias Meyer – Ostinato (Patlac Remix) 18. Vessels – Elliptic (Barker & Baumecker Remix) 19. Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz Over 2 The End Remix)

As we launch into the 20th instalment of our Watergate Mix series, it seems only fitting that we turn to one of our own artists to commemorate the milestone. A man already well known for his poignant and impassioned productions and DJ sets, we are thrilled to present Matthias Meyer as the next master of controls on Watergate 20!

Over the course of 80 minutes, Meyer skillfully navigates through boundless sonic spaces of lush melodics, organic grooves and sentimental sensations with an effortless approach. From the very
beginning, emotions run deep as the sound of rain and strings on Kettenkarussell’s ‚Ten Friends‘ sets the stage as YokoO & Retza’s exclusive track ‚Satori‘ and Leafar Legov’s ‚Tribal Girls‘ establish the percussive tone of the mix. The journey really begins to unfold when back to back exclusive tracks; Gorje Hewek & Izhevski’s ‚Turgoyakk‘ and Matthias‘ own ‚Uluwatu‘ take over. As the mix picks upsteam tracks from Palms Trax, Langenberg, Hyenah and another exclusive from Meyer himself provide the perfect momentum that drives us into the deeper side as the mix takes a turn towards the final stretch. The alluring sounds of Marco Resmann’s ‚Fluid Of Life‘ and Innervisions‘ Orchestral mix of Underworld’s ‚Crocodile‘ set the stage for a stunning farewell as Patlac’s remix of Matthias“Ostinato‘ and Traumprinz‘ twist on Efdemin’s ‚Parallaxis‘ bid us adieu in a manner reminiscent of a ‚Northern Exposure‘ mix from masters like Sasha and Digweed.
From start to finish, Meyer displays his sound and range with a masters touch, demonstrating exactly the reason for his highly in demand status.