FLUG (clr, soma)
VALENTINØ (materia, mantra)
SOME SCIENCE (discografica 71)
KR:PT (umgng, advanced, wall music)

UMGNG MUSIC comes back with the next appointment at suicide circus inviting the Argentinian talent owner of the INSERT concept FLUG, due his powerful sound he becomes an international talent and his productions reached labels as CLR (Official), Soma Records, Sleaze Records, Enemy and many more.

Valentinø is the second artist of this powerful line up, head of Natural Music Events and Mantra club (Genova), the young Italian artist grown a lot musically in the last two years, showcasing aside big artist and releasing his music on MATERIA from Marco Bailey.

Some Science is a Spanish duo, the deep knowledge of sound engineering and their huge experience making music in different projects, makes this duo a start line in the new era of underground electronic music.

Host of the night is the Berlin based Kr:pt, founder of UMGNG MUSIC and icon of the Event serie, with his acid imprint he recently got support of relevant artist as MARCEL DETTMAN, AMOTIK, LUKE SLATER, PERC and many more thanks his solo Ep on Advanced and the upcoming one on WALL MUSIC incl a rework of Ness,

The big night is announced, so stay connected!