Label: Dnaut
Artist: Craig Sherrad
Title: The Fader
Catalogue number: DN005
Release date: 27 Oct 2017
Formats: digital & vinyl

The Fader is Craig Sherrad’s fourth vinyl release that came out late October 2017 on the Dnaut label. The tone of the music reflects Craig’s sonical transition from studio producer into solo live DJ performer. As his appearance dates are increasing, Craig has prepared himself to bang with the Dnaut sound. Here’s a rundown of the playlist:

1. Move To The Cha – It’s a techno dance track that’s perfect for big rooms as well as small rooms. The synths flow between the beat and the baseline drives you to move.

2. Candee Stairs Intro Mix starts off with an airy synth intro and a slow buildup that keeps the suspense going. Perfect for a DJ intro as the polyrhythms move, the high hats come in and then the kick and snare. The track keeps lifting you higher and higher as it goes on a constant elevation of thump.

3. Hey Sharc is an up-tempo deep house track. The tribal party chants set the pace early on. The staccato jazzy bassline ushers your feet to move with a Latin feel. The synths flow, elevating the track. Reminiscent to the old progressive days of music.

4. Just Get is a deep electronic funk track with breathy samples just to get your butt on the dance floor. Thick bass with a slower tempo but definitely something to dance to.

5. The title track The Fader is Craig’s attempt to pay homage to the dancers, and the styles of early 80s Detroit Techno and Funk scene.
This track is dedicated to the Jit Dancers and Pop Lockers. The drums enter through eerie textures of scapes, the ultra fat bass defines techno funk. These ingredients paint the picture of the dancer who is determined to move in any condition or circumstance.