Label: PITS
Artist: John Joseph
Title: Get Vicious
Catalogue number: PTS010
Release date: 03 Sep 2018
Format: digital

John Joseph (aka John Coyle) is the founder and purveyor of the PITS (Place In Time & Space) label out of Detroit, Michigan.

His latest EP, Get Vicious, is an exploration of genres in electronic music ranging from acid, to techno, to electro. Over the past two years, he has soaked up a massive amount of material coming from within the city and it has translated into a wide diversity of releases.

These four tracks are focused on the dance floor, as well as sharing a snapshot in time. In a period of great change for Detroit, it is this music that has been consistent in bringing people together. This EP is an attempt to capture a span of interesting sounds that befall ones ears in the wee hours of the night