Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Robert S
Title: Angels of Acid
Release date: 15 Feb. 2019
Formats: digital

01. Angels Of Acid
02. Blood Receiver
03. Espasmos
04. Acid From East

Portuguese DJ/producer Robert S has acquired a taste for groovy techno cuts and unexpected melodic flares. As head of two different labels, Robert Limited and Trau-ma, Robert has displayed his curational talents by putting on artists such as Kevin de Vries, V i L, Mike Wall, and Joaquin Ruiz, to name a few.
For his most recent release, he will add his finely-tuned sound to Korpus 9 with a brand new EP, Angels of Acid.

The title track rings true to the name of the project, beginning with a grounding acid line atop a minimalist techno rhythm. A calm start gives way to punchy vocal chops and plucks of synth, which significantly elevate the mood. This energy is maintained with Blood Receiver, merging ominous minor synth patterns with thumping 808s. In the penultimate track, Epasmos, pulsating undulations swirl throughout the background while reverberated drums pan from side to side, taking advantage of the whole sonic field. The track feels like a moody, spiritual power-cleanse from the inside of a washing machine. The final track, Acid From the East has a distinctly Middle-Eastern flavor, using distorted string instruments resembling the Persian oud laced over a banging industrial bass pattern.

Taken as a whole, Angels of Acid is a strong exploration of minimal techno flavors by Robert S. This group of tracks is designed to rattle the walls of the club during peak-time moments. It will be available February 15th on the Russian label Korpus 9.