Jazz-O-Tech is proud to announce the second chapter of its limited edition vinyl release „White Gardenia“: a format that combines deep tech electronic grooves with the mystic, intense and intricate atmospheres of jazz music. 

The A side of the compilation starts with „Eshe“ a track by the dutch producer Duke Zilla, a perfect opener for the vinyl with its funky, dreamy, and tribadelic vibes, followed by „Modal Miles“ by the Italian trumpet player Cesare Dell’Anna (remixed by DN3), a cool deep tech track full of smoky jazz quotes of the almighty Miles Davis himself. „Dick Dunker“ by the Berlin Based duo Flat Maze closes the first half, and it’s a great example of what we call Techno-Jazz the perfect mix between cutting hedge techno sounds and experimental jazz piano.

The B side is meditative and musically very dense, with the talented duo of newcomers Key Clef on synths and Riccardo Nebbiosi on sax presenting “Angel Walk to the Sea” a beautiful trip into a poetic and progressive territory, which smoothly leads to the intricate and experimental fluid jazz grooves of „Story telling“ by the Italian electronic jazz band Gamapawa, which closes the compilation. 

Jazz-O-Tech is a record label based in Berlin and Milan which has the ambition of creating a new music movement that merges Techno with Jazz, tradition with modernity, improvisation and experimentation, and takes the listeners on an emotional, futuristic and intense musical journey. 

a1. Duke Zilla – Eshe
a2. Cesare Dell’Anna – Modal Miles (DN3 Remix)
a3. Flat Maze – Dick Dunker
b1. Key Clef and Riccardo Nebbiosi – Angel Walk To The Sea. 
B2. Gamapawa – Story Telling