Release Title – Vermissen

Release Date – March 13, 2019

Release Track list:
1. Vermissen (original mix)
2. Vermissen (Ari I.Q. Remix)
3. Vermissen (The GOAT Remix)
4. Vermissen (phaXis Remix)
5. Vermissen (pr0cyn1c’s WhySoGlumChum Remix)
6. Vermissen (One Less Of Them Remix)

Woodwork recordings emerged in the late 1990s, releasing early incarnations of tech house on vinyl EPs with full-length live mixes on cassette… after vanishing for a 15 year hiatus, the label rekindled its past and began a second run, branching off into wider sonic territory… deliberately free of any singular definable sound, woodwork is committed simply to craft, substance, and diversity..

Re:Define records curator, Alex Ridley drops a gorgeous deep dubby techno single on Woodwork. With it, he brings an onslaught of top tier remixes from the Re:Define stable and beyond… Ari I.Q, The GOAT, phaXis, pr0cyn1c, and One Less of Them, each contribute a stunning tribute to the original in their own distinct fashion…

When the first wave of electronic music swept through Canada decades ago, Alex Ridley found himself unexpectedly at home in the dark rooms, flashing lights and rhythmic music. The kinetic energy of techno took over, and he soon found himself as a DJ and producer on a mission to transfer that energy back to the crowds and dance floors where he first found inspiration. Ridley’s intention was to create highly personal original works and remixes, encoding them not only with cerebral sounds, but also with his own memories and emotions. His efforts eventually got noticed by techno veterans Woody McBride and Lori J Ward. It wasn’t long until the notable Angel Alanis remixed one of Alex Ridleyís tracks and introduced him to Transplant Recordings which got support for his work from Dave Ruff, Tyler Trigger, SVAST, Luke Fire and Deetech. Realizing the strength in numbers, Alex Ridley has teamed up with Dave Ruff to create their own record label re:Define based in Winnipeg, Canada.