Tectonic Techno with a warmth of production rarely seen from Kariuki one of London’s rising stars. Influenced by the legendary pioneers such as Jeff Mills, Frankie Knuckles, The Belleville Three, Richie Hawtin, DJ Sneak, Green Velvet, Carl Craig to current legends such as Honey Dijon, Dubfire, Skober & Coyu to name a few.

Kariuki’s productions vary musically but are tied together by his solid understanding of what it takes to make you move.

With this latest EP he hits a more solid tone, groovy but simultaneously full on gear for the dancefloor.

We Are A Tribe, We’re Interconnected, You And Me, We’re Interconnected.“ Simple yet truthful set of words. Is there anything that connects people more than music? Two tracks that reflect who I am as an individual. I like my electronic music dark and moody. A dark room, A booming system, Heads down and let the music sweep you away to wherever you need to be.

Release Track list:

  1. Tribe
  2. Machine (Heat Of The Night Mix)