Title – Erefaan Pearce Feat. Mox – Reasons ft David Marston Remix

Release Date – 25th October

The second release taken from Erefaan Pearce’s upcoming album on Eyedyllic Music is a double single, featuring two more of the album’s tracks. ‚Lovely‘ is a collaboration with The Lazarusman on spoken-word duties, while ‚Reasons‘ features the vocals of Mox, with David Marston on the remix – and he does not disappoint with his uniquely melodic reworking of Erefaans contemplative original.

The original cuts showcase more of the artistry forthcoming on his album. Tight rhythm and vocal work combined with a classic House aesthetic. Jackin and Soulful in equal measure.

Reasons is a dreamy walk through deep memory, a immersive experience on the dancefloor. Lush synth work, keys and strings are balanced carefully in the mix as the song progresses, on the back of a catchy vocal. Whilst Lovely is more straight up jackin House, a solid beat and atmosphere set the tone, slightly stripped back but only enough to show its intent, while The Lazarusman does what he’s known best for doing, waxing poetic over a tight house groove.

This stands alone as a solid package, whilst also showcasing what is coming soon on Eyedyllic. Following the first single, Lovely/Reasons will be out on Eyedyllic in Late October, in advance of The Late Nite Cancerean — Erefaan’s full-length album, which will hit stores in November.

Artist Quote
„Lovely came to me whilst thinking about the French Touch period in house music. It pays an ode to that scene and it had a massive influence on us here in SA. At the time I wanted a stripped track with this clav sounding like a funk guitar. Asked my long time friend Lazarus Mathebula to possibly contribute some vocals to the track. His lyrics completed the song for me and also gave it its name. That period of house music relevance was important to me and influenced my tastes to this day. Between Dj Deep , Julien Jabre , The Troublemen and labels like Basic , Basenotic I felt I had to say thank you in my own way.

Reasons now this is the follow up to Ripples in essence. Let me play the scene you see a woman and you two strike a conversation and well Ripples happens. The follow up to this is the physical awkwardness being around her and wanting to be close to her. Finding stupid things or reasons to give her a kiss or a hug. You just want to absorb her and be close to her. Love is and has always been about wanting to fulfil a need to complete this emotional rollercoaster we go through as humans. Sometimes some of us find our centre in someone else. This is the REASON for it all for me. Complete my existence by paying homage to love it all its intricacies.“