Robert S is back with an explosive effort on the new Russian label, Korpus 9.

The Madeira Island native has been whipping up techno bangers with a twist since 2012, and his new Tornado E.P. does not disappoint. Korpus 9 aims to bring fresh and innovative techno into the mix, drawing its influence from an abandoned underwater research station. If this E.P. doesn’t epitomise this vision, nothing does.

The title track Tornado immediately hits us with thumping kicks and squelchy basslines from the very outset of the E.P – this is sure to be a ride! As another bassline enters, we know this one is going to be a battle of the basses, as both vie for dominance in this heavy banger.

Following this is 303 Weirdos, with a relentless soft acid bassline that drives the entire piece forward, against an off-kilter bass that constantly twists and turns. With crunchy hats and percussion that come in and out, this one is sure to have you grooving.

Next up is Ditador, with a syncopated and polyrhythmic synth line that slowly creeps in, inducing a trance as it bubbles and boils along the edges. As the intensity of the synth rises and falls throughout the track, we can almost hear the metallic ring of the abandoned research station as we are lifted up above the steady thundering beat underneath.

Imagine the sound of hundreds of giant elastic bands twanging their way through space, as planets explode all around you in a cosmic blaze, and you’ll come close to the sound of the closing track of the E.P., Tetris. This is a stomping floor filler, so fat it will knock you sideways.

This new release from Robert S. and Korpus 9 is out now on all digital shops and as a 12″ vinyl on December 9th