Berlin based and operating, Jean Yann Records is an independent music label focused on house, tech-house and techno music. Evolving in the Berlin scene for over 4 years now and being over 5 years old, this young label has an ever-growing roster, is expanding to very diverse and unique genres and has a real impact in the Berlin club scene.


Meloduckia is a proper tech-house episode blending africa-house, melodic house and powerful tech-house beats. This EP released digitally on a plethora of platforms and available in May 2020 demonstrates the label’s capacity to mix genres, focus on the essentials of electronic music and keep an open ear to new sounds and ancient rhythms. 5 artists are featured on this 4 track earworm, mastered by a sixth: Floxyd. The 5 composers who made this EP possible are from different horizons (London, Luxemburg, Berlin, Jakarta), different ages and genders. All 5 explore the distant corners of the Tech House universe in order to produce the most exquisite gems. Praise yourself, this one is going to go with a bang!

1. Tantra – Makara (Original Mix)
First of, Tantra drops yet another epic club track. The Indonesian duo is back despite extremely strict restrictions in their home country, which didn’t help them get to the studio. ‘Makara’ aka ‘Plague’ in Indonesian is an omen to the struggles the world is facing fighting Covid-19. The track offers us a subtle, beat-steady escape route to all this madness. This distortion fueled, psychedelic synth accompanied and badass bass powered rave anthem will definitely waken clubbers all around the world.

2. Daniel Jaeger & Daniel Neuland – Just Do It (Original Mix)
Next up are the Daniel.s. with a clean-cut, streamlined and fine tuned speaker blaster: Just Do It. Probably wearing ‘Nikes On Their Feet’ both Berlin based producers deliver a restless sound which carries the listener to another dimension. From the melody, to the clap, not forgetting the bass and the snares this gem is a melodic house tribute itself and what it allows young and talented producers to release. This track carries with it a huge chunk on the ‘Berlin Klub Kultur’ and will capture the listener’s attention in a matter of seconds before lifting him up to his feet to dance. Beware, one Daniel might hide another!

3. Alex Daniell – Wilderpeople (Original Mix)
Label resident, French and English DJ and producer, based in London, Alex Daniell is third in line with “Wilderpeople”, a serious piece of tormenting and addictive deep-afri-progressive-melodic house! ‘There’s no way out’ of being tormented by this captivating production. From the spooky yet addictive vocal, to the up-beat tempo, not forgetting the amazing blend of african drums, didgeridoo-like sounds and acid notes, this track is simply put: THE BOMB! Through the years and the releases Alex Daniell is growing to be an incredible producer with technique and expertise constantly improving and gobsmacking the listener.

4. ANouch – African Mist (Original Mix)
Last but not least ANouch closes this trip around the world in the best of ways. From Johannesburg to Marrakech with a pit-stop at Ouagadougou, ‘African Mist’ finds its essence in African-Acid and Africa-House. For her second release under the Jean Yann Records banner, the Belgium DJane and producer took a stand and the result is simply astonishing. Mixing tech-house beats with traditional drum percussions and sublimating the output with a progressive bass this jewel of a track brings the entire EP to an end, leaving the listener with a feeling of everlasting pleasure.