The BPitch family are pleased to announce the arrival of a new member of our team, as Berlin-based producer Amotik joins us with his Daya EP. Amotik has been self-releasing his music for the past couple of years, dropping several EPs and his debut album. His minimalist, hypnotic take on techno is mesmerising and it caught the ear of BPitch boss Ellen Allien some time ago. It didn’t take long for a strong connection to be made between Amotik and the label, resulting in his first appearance with us. Daya contains four powerful cuts, with undulating low frequencies and nuanced composition designed to target mind, body and spirit…

‘Baya’ submerges us in its dense low end straight off the bat. A solemn motif repeats over and over as Amotik gently raises the energy and tension, amplified by eerie, highly affecting organ keys. Title track ‘Daya’ utilises a muffled spoken word sample with haunting production to captivate the listener as the almighty thud of the kick drum rains down heavy.

Next up is ‘Aage’ which feels a lot more ‘busy’ than the first two cuts. A trance-inducing riff cascades around the mids, while the beats and bass pepper your body with a hail of jabs. Wait for the sucker punch after the breakdown, intense. Lastly, we have ‘Peeche’, a track that blends potent percussive elements with a serene top end. You’ll be locked in a groove, experiencing physical catharsis and spiritual transcendence.

artist Amotik
title Daya
label BPitch Berlin
date 30/10/2020
format 12“ | Digital
cat. # BPX010

A1 Baya
A2 Daya
B1 Aage
B2 Peeche