For his debut on Creaked, DJ/producer Miro Lopasso hits hard with a strong and versatile four track EP which includes a Charlton remix. Having previously made a name with „Beneath“, a track featured on Mord’s first compilation Herdersmat (Part 1-7) in 2015, he now returns with absolute big room techno killer tracks woven of brain-draining electronic noise beyond ordinary realms. ‚Ass it!‘ is a scintillating first release rich with analog ideas infused with acid licks and electronic motifs, juxtaposing diversity within techno and club culture.

While Ass It! takes inspiration from classic Chicago acid, industrial Detroit techno and Berlin’s club spirit, Miro Lopasso has clearly got his sights set on the outer limits of its imagination. Tracks such as „A Fatal Shock“ and „Late Walker“ come out of the gate swinging with a powerful energy to mass shit up with dirty distorted noises and a percussive drum kick maintaining a lose-your-mind edge that’s impossible to resist while the tracks are bombarding with wave after wave of acid modulations. The track „Freaks“ is sheer dancefloor terror by bringing it to a mental place with a wild groove and jacking rhythms that puts it solely in an unique sphere. Netherlands-based producer Charlton turns the track to a dirty frenetic acid version by marrying the best parts of the orignal version into his remix.