Jackmate aka Michel Baumann is in recent times perhaps best known for his Soulphiction alias, but anyone who has a good knowledge of classic house music will need little introduction to the Jackmate moniker.

First releasing in 1996 he was infamous, with timeless releases on Treibstoff, Morris / Audio and Poker Flat with later releases coming out via the likes of Pampa Records.

The iconic Philpot label was started with releases under his alter ego Soulphiction, but Jackmate was recently reinvigorated by Matthew Herbert’s label Accidental, which has lead to this new EP amongst a string of other forthcoming releases.

One of Germany’s most consistent DJ/Producers who runs in the same circles as people like Move D, this three track release shown an innate understanding of music that transcends generations and speaks to both dance floors and headphone listeners.

The opening track „Modulation Nightdrive“ is a mind expanding, deep techno affair that lives up to its title, as the modular tones on its analogue synth lines are like a night drive on a winding road both tranquil and demanding of your full attention. Machine funk at it is absolute best, it’s a fine example of when music really does become an artform.

Next up is „CubanLinkx“ which utilises a Cuban percussion loop expertly sampled in a way that captures the live musicianship while also creating a hypnotic groove augmented with sequenced percussion. With some sleezy trumpet stabs adding a jazzy element this really is a masterclass in how to create something unique snippets from old records.

Last but not least, „Test Drive“ shows why Jackmate is still relevant as a producer and worthy of your record collection. The recipe is simple, a drum machine, a few thick bass notes, then whack on some moody chord stabs. Leaving it raw so not to lose its impact, yet finely tuning each detail, this is the Midas touch of someone whose honed their skills to perfection.