Start RELEASES Emotional Voyage Records Feature first release VA (EVR001)

Emotional Voyage Records Feature first release VA (EVR001)


Emotional Voyage Records is a newly established label founded in late 2020 from the 3 young Berlin artists UrbnMowgli, Moodrich and Sketchy. Their first release comes in form of a VA featuring 12 passionate and talented artists from around all over who stand for underground electronic music. Ranging from Break Beats, Elektro, House, Lofi, Rave and Trance the VA is packed with timeless golden jams. The quest and dedication to push emotional dance music in all its form is the driving force behind the label and its current and future release.

The label will be a platform for personal taste and own productions, friends and artists from around the globe, catalyzing and joining forces to create a unique label sound. Emotional Voyage has begun in order to express all inner feelings, from the unpleasant to pleasant to everything that makes us move from tears to smiles we are searching for in our inner grooves.

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