01. New Territories
02. I Love The Difference
03. Constant Movement
04. Deeper Underground
05. Contemporary Practices
06. Relative Time
07. Flying Data
08. Rave Again

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‘De Tu a Tu’ is the debut LP of Edgar de Ramon, the Spanish producer behind the label TUTU. This smashing techno record is set to be released digitally on March 8th, 2021.

Founded in 2014, TUTU has released music from Edgar de Ramon himself, Miguel Lobo, Marcos in Dub, Leix, Eddy Romero, Jesus Soblechero and more. The label has put forth a range of sounds and styles including techno, minimal, dub, lo-fi, UK garage, and acid.

The eight-track album mostly showcases various styles of techno, with the exception of the opening track ‘New Territories’, an ambient composition of distorted strings, subtle synths, and grand vocals. The LP is defined by a combination of masterful percussion and drum work, combined with modular synthesis to create organic and ever-changing soundscapes. Elements that reappear throughout the album are sci-fi sounds, groovy percussion, and rhythmic claps. In ‘Contemporary Practices’ the synth line continues to change endlessly as the drums builds, finally morphing into a furry of claps, cymbals and acid. Reminiscent of the sounds of Detroit, ‘Relative Time’ mixes thunderous kicks and snappy hats with a paranoid sonic environment. ‘I Love The Difference’ features sounds from outer space that are even tribal at times, with a bouncy synth line made for the dancefloor. The final track ‚Rave Again‘ is highlighted by early rave sounds and a spaced-out, dreamy soundscape.

‘De Tu a Tu’ is timeless techno music that’s not to be missed. Be sure to grab your copy on March 8th via TUTU!