Considered by many as one of Chicago House’s early pioneers, DJ and producer K Alexi Shelby has released works garnering classic status, with one of his earliest releases the 1987 Risque III, Essence Of A Dream becoming a staple of every reputable DJ’s set.

He now releases ‘Gods People’ a brand-new booming, hypnotic, warm, acid tinged masterpiece with haunting and historically charged lyrics. Simultaneously classic and authentic in its production style and primed for the 3am dance floor, it is a masterfully produced example of pure Chicago House in its most pure essence. Conveying a powerful message through the compelling whispered vocal that is layered over a hypnotic bed of House beats and acid-inspired grooves.

Shelby’s Chicago roots had a huge influence on his musical direction with exposure to a melting pot of genres as well as the introduction at age twelve to House music legends Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. High profile collaborations followed, which included legends of Pop and Dance music such as The Pet Shop Boys, Will Smith, Marshall Jefferson and Derrick May among many others.

The track has an underlying message of the adoption and appropriation of black musical innovation, particularly the genres of Rock and Roll and House that originated in Black culture. A reflection on the historic whitewashing of the music industry ends with a message designed to ‘make you think’.

This is a brand-new release from DJ International, the iconic record label steeped in authenticity and dance music history. It was the label that introduced the world to Chicago House, birthing it and nurturing it in its infancy, releasing the first ever House Music long player in 1986 ‘The House Sound Of Chicago’. It is a label with an outstanding discography populated by the now legendary artists of the time, untouchable DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Fingers Inc (Larry Heard & Robert Owens), Ron Hardy, Steve ‘Silk” Hurley, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, Joe Smooth, Darryl Pandy and Marshall Jefferson.

It now relaunches and returns in 2021 acquired and under exclusive license to Last Man Music, still with its original and inimitable founder at its helm Rocky Jones and the very same forward-looking House music ideology, now providing a platform for new and established artists alike.

K Alexi Shelby ‘Gods People’ is out now on DJ International.

Jackmaster 7 ‘Return Of The Jack’ compilation will be released 23 April on DJ International.