„Planetary Loves EP“ which is a four-track EP including remixes from Vaguely Confined and Moody Waters. The release is sounding different to Eduardo’s usual work, „Planetary Loves“ takes on a future disco sound with a progressive groove which builds with emotive piano strings and killer bassline to keep you grooving until the end.

On remix duties are Vaguely Confined and Moody Waters who have both inspired Eduardo all over the years and provide the perfect combo to flip the EP.

Vaguely Confined’s take is a pearl of a remix and comes in the form of a futuristic breakbeat composition, the synths shine through from the start and the bassline carriers the groove throughout. Definitely one for a big Soundsystem!

Moody Waters then comes correct with another breakbeat bomb full of emotion whilst staying completely faithful to the original but gives it another perspective.

Last but not least ‚Ethical Reflection‘ takes you on a trip. The deep and melancholic synth, vocals and strings build up into a crescendo.