‘The innocence born of children’s souls and inside us all, is released. This innocence is somehow more than we can handle as adults (we were in such a hurry to grow), but we can find it by moving within our surroundings with levity and curiosity.’

– Nonowe “Nono” Akihito


Ahead of the release of her new album Hanazono – out April 23rd via RVNG Intl. and Gurugurubrain – Satomimagae shares the enchanting video for new single ‘Houkou’, a microscopically detailed animation film by Nonowe “Nono” Akihito.

Much like the objects of Satomimagae’s intrigue on Hanazono unfurl into layers of melodic and textural warmth, Akihito’s animations emerge from a watercolour painting to forge vivid surroundings, enveloping the variant folk strains of its music into imagery that is both delicate and vast in equal measure.

Hanazano, translated as “flower garden,” is a tribute to everyday mysticism, that sense of pure and private wonder excited by a stone, a river, or winds. Described by Satomi as a “small outer space,” this sound enclosure is a safe remove from the world where an artist can create, just for herself.

Satomimagae – Hanazono – Web 021 – Credit – Mana Hiraki