Neathway returns to the label to present „Songs For The Sun“, a Balearic-inspired three-track record on the Music Appreciation Club.

This laid-back collection walks the line between sun-soaked house music and a more dubbed-out atmospheric edge. A perfect tonic for the hottest days, nights, and times in-between.

Out this August on London based Music Appreciation Club.

Label Name:  – Music Appreciation Club

Release Date:  – Friday, August 13th 2021

Track Listing:

1. The Cove
2. Shake A Leg
3. You, Me & A 303

Record Sounds Like:  A mix of Balearic / House driven sounds with a laid back and playful approach, similar to Tornado Wallace, Moomin, Seb Wildblood or Efdemin

Artist Quote  – „The Ep is inspired by festival beach parties.
Weaving in and out of tranquil and playful moments the project delivers 3 sun soaked tracks for the summer months.“

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