Release Title:  – Ori Kawa & The Entals – Don’t Let It Last

Label Name:  – Entality Sonics Co.

Release Date:  – Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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Track Listing:

1. Don’t Let It Last (Radio Edit)
2. Don’t Let It Last (JedX Remix)
3. Don’t Let It Last (Robert Ortiz Remix)

Record Sounds Like:  That perfect balance of musicianship and late-night heat.

Ori Kawa & The Entals step up for their „Don’t Let It Last“ release on Entality Sonics Co. Releasing at the peak of summer this August they present a record that really heats things up.

Featuring two stand-out remixes that take the record in different directions. JedX drops a version that takes the instrumentation of the original paired with a house beat that sits it right in dancefloor territory. On the flip, Robert Ortiz provides a remix that turns the heat up another notch, with a more classic deep sound and a more late-night groove.

As a whole, the package covers different takes on the same musical brilliance, featuring the talents of Ori Kawa & The Entals. Out August 31st – don’t miss it.

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