Label Name: – Berlin Bass Collective

Release Date: – Monday, November 8 2021

Track Listing:

Windows – All the Things You Are (06:13)
Windows – Sunset Love (You Used to Hold Me So Tight) (07:15)
Windows – Secrets (07:26)
Windows – Long Gone (06:37)

Record Sounds Like: Combining elements of retrofuture, chillwave, synthwave, and lofi to evoke super strong emotional responses on the dancefloor. For moments when the crowd is all feeling it together.

Berlin Bass Collective return with another big league record, an EP that brings together genres and vibes in the way that great records often do. Releasing this November we present Windows (prev DJ Windows XP) ‚Transcendence‘, a record that keeps the emotion at the core of the composition.

This epic 4 tracker kicks off with the deep rolling groove of ‚All the things you are‘, a track that sits nicely between club heat and a more personal experience. Featuring some masterful sample cuts which form a solid thread you can follow through the sonic journey of the whole EP. ‚Sunset Love‘ follows and is aptly described by the artist as „the feeling of being transported into Akira, riding a light cycle on the highway around Tokyo in year 3000 while the sun is setting into the background…“ – a track representing a dreamy melodic House style, equally adept at taking you to another place as it is at making you move.

On the flip side ‚Secrets‘ takes this dreamy sound work in a more transcendental direction. Like putting the world in slow motion during a partriculary epic and uplifting moment. Rounding out the record we have ‚Long Gone‘. A bittersweet closer, leave your problems in the past as life moves on to a new place and time. ‚Transcendence‘ is a high water mark for all ecompassing, emotive melodic House music.

Artist Quote – „“Getting the chance to release this record, from a pair of producers I have admired for years for the emotional responses their tracks bring out, is something I am so grateful for!“ – Matt Kus“