Label Name: – Metadata Records

Release Date: – Friday, December 17 2021

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Track Listing:

  1. Phantasy (Original Mix) (7:20)
  2. Grow Op (7:45)
  3. Python State (7:41)
  4. Phantasy (Reprize) (6:22)

Record Sounds Like: A modern take on classic 90s dance, reminiscent of: Röyksopp, Plaid, Mr. Oizo, The Chemical Brothers, Funkstorung, Autechre, The Chemical Brothers, Phil Western, Underworld, Luke Chable and Hybrid.

[metadata_records] is an imprint for Dark Arps. In this follow-up EP, Jon delivers four dancefloor dreamscapes, dripping with melodic motifs and irresistible grooves. The title track ‘Phantasy’ kicks off our psychedelic journey through repeating, evolving acid lines, underlaid with thick, alternating basstones. Crispy snares and percussive breakbeat patterns carry the groove, leading us to crescendos and soaring piano-and-string melodies. ‘Jumbo Rafiki’ takes a left turn, bopping down into shuffled, broken-house territory with chord-stacked riffs and funky bassline interjections, augmented by mysteriously detuned bells which lift us up to triumphant heights. Then, with another left turn we crash back down to the depths with ‘Python State’, a deeper exploration of minimal house, oozing with atmospheric appeal, the main riff invoking a latin flavour with synthetic, other-worldly modular synthesis in support. ‘Phantasy (Reprize)’ brings our journey full-circle with a final acid-rip along driving shorelines of progressive breaks, re-introducing melodic players we encountered at the beginning of the expedition, evolved into something darker, as the EP comes to its conclusion.