After the great feedback from the vinyl release published Nov. 19th under the Unknown Artist alias Prince Madonna I, with great pleasure we reveal that the artist behind Prince Madonna I is Tel-Aviv techno legend Ori Lichtik.

Internationally known for his hypnotizing soundtracks for choreographer Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar and L-E-V Dance Company, „Joy Stock“ is the Debut EP of Lichtik.

The EP is an overview of Ori Lichtik’s current and past work, a blend of smoke, sweat and ecstatic bodies, poisonous mixture of techno and groove. On „Joy Stock“, all four tracks are made from former soundtracks for Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar’s dance pieces, while being re-arranged and edited exclusively for the record. As a digital bonus, the fifth track „Effes“ is a striking new work of Lichtik.

Lichtik is one of the founders of the Tel-Aviv techno scene in the 1990s where he started his career as a DJ and producer of techno parties and raves. Since 2006, Ori has been collaborating with Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. Rather than composing the soundtracks, Ori performs in L-E-V performances in which he constructs, plays and characterises the music in each performance.

The uniqueness of Lichtik’s work is the combination of the various musical worlds into an evolving and refined soundtrack, full of passion and groove, which alongside the choreography gives the spectator a complete and hypnotic experience. Lichtik soundtracks influenced by different styles and textures, from industrial and African tribe recordings, through hip-hop to baroque music. Ori’s music is one of the most prominent and unusual hallmarks of Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar’s dance performances.

// The Cover photo was kindly provided by no other than UK photographer Martin Parr, who is internationally known for his unique photographic language portraying people and daily situations. Ori Lichtik chose the photo out of a selection of the oeuvre of Martin Parr and it is kindly licensed by Focus pictures.

/// Prince Madonna is the new record label of Berlin based producer and DJ Bas Grossfeldt and cologne based Ben Jakob Uhl.

Bas Grossfeldt, who as Søren Siebel, is also known for his multidisciplinary artworks, combining choreography, spatial installations and sound, most recently seen in his project „The Space Of Unknowing“.

As Bas Grossfeldt, last year he released his debut EP „Lost In Sensation“ on legendary Detroit Techno label Metroplex, as well as an album called „Klavier“ with Simian Mobile Discos Jas Shaw on UK label Drone.

/// Prince Madonna. Techno not Techno. Electronic experiments from a non-binary-sound-nerd-pop-sphere. A concept putting the works of art into focus: Every release is first published vinyl only under the alias „Prince Madonna“. A few weeks later, only with the digital release, the artist behind „Prince Madonna“ will be announced.

//// Who phrases it better than Madonna herself, when she leaned towards Prince, whispering in his ear: „It’s about the music, not the hype.“ (Prince knowingly nodding).