Teleporters, Pysh, Adwer
Title: Tangerine EP
Label: Casomat
Release Date: 7th Jan 2022

What better way to kick off the new year than brand new music, and for CASOMAT003 we’re thrilled to be bringing you the debut release of Barcelona live-act Teleporters, AKA Adwer & Jon Rabbit.

While both already have countless years of experience in the scene individually – Adwer as a DJ & producer, Jon Rabbit as a composer & performer – the two only began to collaborate musically in 2019. Since then they’ve written an impressive amount of material and performed numerous live sets together, but now present their work in the format of finished individual pieces for the very first time.

The ‚Tangerine EP‘ includes four tracks in total and the two originals are a modern take on the sound established by the early pioneers of electronic music. Indeed, the track titles are respectful nods to Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk respectively. Adwer additionally provides his own version of ‚Metropolis‘, staying true to the core elements of the original but opting for slightly sparser percussion and an airier feel.

Finally, Poland-born Pysh masterfully reworks ‚Tangerine‘ into a more dancefloor-oriented version, a sound which he has recently moved to Berlin to further develop and one which can clearly be heard in his most recent productions on labels like Poesie, Dantze and Ritter Butzke Records.