Release Title: – SHAO (feat. WWW) – Eight Dreams


Label Name: – Sound Blanc (Modern Sky)

Release Date: – Monday, December 20 2021

Track Listing:

01 Opening
02 Polar Region
03 River
04 Uni
05 Dream No.3
06 Through the Rain
07 Blank Chill
08 Summer Rain

Record Sounds Like: Psychedelic, Ambient, Abstract, Alternative.

The style of „Borderlands“ is based on psychedelic and dreamy ambience. It contains 8 experimental recordings of Shao Yanpeng (SHAO) and guitarist Wang Wenwei (WWW) from 2019 to 2021.

The essence of the album „Borderlands“ conveys the concept of „dream.“ The whole album strives to represent the abstraction and the passionate imagination of „dreamland,“ presenting this innovative notion behind the album in an oriental and Zen creative way.

„Borderlands“ was originally named „Borderlands“ in English. Once the album was finished in the summer of 2021, SHAO once again watched the movie „Dreams” directed by Akira Kurosawa. The Film happened to be about eight dreams, and „Borderlands“ album also happened to have eight tracks. SHAO felt that there was a coincidence, so the album name was changed to „Borderlands: Eight Dreams“

The „Borderlands” album and “Midnight Mountain“ were produced at the same time, and they can be regarded as parallel albums with a more dreamy atmosphere.

The album gives the listener the artist’s idea of a ‘dream’. It presents the music in a natural or instinctive way, a spiritual way.