I Ching is the latest addition to Özman’s impressive musical portfolio and is a 4 track EP exploring themes connected to an ancient Chinese text also known as the Book of Changes.

‘Weakly Interacting Massive Particles’ is an industrial production named after science’s most confounding and unsolved problem – the explanation of dark matter. Özman’s natural curiosity and playfulness shines through, with unexpected twists and turns reflecting the tracks sci-fi nature. Next up is ‘Before the Flood’, inspired by a film about an ancient Chinese civilisation wiped out by a flood over 4000 years ago. Özman is not one to shy away from complexity: the track is a fast-tempo affair, urgent and yet meditative at the same time. As the track swells and grows, so does the diversity of its elements, with deep bass and hushing hi-hats creating an emotive and compelling trajectory.

‘Lucrezia Borgia’ is inspired by a sordid story about the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, exploring themes relating to the darker shades of human nature. Özman’s use of erratic drums and vocals add a tangible narrative to this coercive deep house track. ‘Absence’, the final track of the EP, explores the concept of empty space and our natural urge to fill the void, with each listener doing so in a way unique to them. With key percussive elements and beats removed from the track, the result is an ethereal aural experience designed to challenge and stimulate the listener.

Onur Özman: I Ching is released on Sum Over Histories on 18th March 2022.

Sum Over Histories is a label for the conscious listener – ‘contemporary electronic music made for closed-eyed dancers.’ – founded and run by Frankey & Sandrino. Driven by a passion for electronic dance music in all its forms, the label creates space for multi-instrumentalists and producers to explore their inner selves, creating introverted narratives that encourage profound listening for our minds, not just beats and rhythms for our bodies.