After the success of „All Night Brotherhood“, Art Of Tones is back with a brand new EP on his own PALP imprint.
„Crazay“ is the main track here, where Art Of Tones delivers once again his unique sound signature. Evolving around a funky bassline and classy guitar licks, and with its familiar, soulful vocal snippets, the track has an usual, slightly aggressive colour that makes it sound truly different from the usual disco tunes heard here and there.

The Funk District, Cancun-based Mexican DJ Fernando Mendoza’s project, brings here a light, different version of Crazay : keeping almost all elements of the original track, focusing on a short loop, the remix is leaning towards House music rather than Disco.
„Not The Same“, with its intimate feel, wah-wah guitars and old school Moog leads, would almost sound like a B-side ballad, if it wasnt for its 120 bpm fast tempo.