“A hymn to creation”, ‘Before Life’ is the latest single by Indian Wells, the project of producer Pietro Iannuzzi from southern Italy, taken from his forthcoming album ‘No One Really Listens To Oscillators‘. Out today, film maker Gianvito Cofano has created an accompanying video that visualises the “juxtaposition of opposite ways of looking at life”.

Indian Wells says: “Before Life was brought into life the last few months of my wife’s pregnancy, during a routine check at our Doctor’s office in which I recorded my daughter’s heartbeat. For me it is a hymn to creation, in a very broad sense. This track is dedicated to my daughter. For me, it’s hope.”

Film maker Gianvito Cofano says: “Pietro told me he wrote ‘Before Life’ months before his daughter was born. When I listened to the track for the very first time, I noticed it is clearly divided into two different parts; the first one is simple, soft, and bright—while the other one is complex, harsh and dark. To me, it felt like a juxtaposition of opposite ways of looking at life; the perception of a newborn, and the perception of someone who just became a parent. So, the first part of the video shows how a baby explores and discovers a parent as a whole world, while the second part displays the imagination of a parent, their sudden awareness of time, life, and how terrifying and inescapable it all is.”

‘No One Really Listens To Oscillators’ is set for release on 15th July 2022 on LP and digital formats. The album’s conceptual input comes from an article in The New York Times talking about a new conceptual architectural style. The term “Incompiuto” (Unfinished) was theorized by Alterazioni Video & Fosbury Architecture and concerned unfinished works that reveal the inability of projects to make infrastructures useful and sustainable for the community.