Adam BFD first burst onto the scene with his distinct, emotive driven productions, making a name for himself as an artist bridging the gap between electro, breaks and house through tear-jerking melodies and cinematic euphoria. Now based in Paris, Adam’s music represents escapism in its truest and most colourful sense; an outlet to pour his emotions into as the words begin to fail him. The characters and places Adam’s music evokes are a testament to his art – sights of emerald green fields and the smell of delicately grown flora wash over – their tangibility sitting on the tip of your senses like a bird perched on a treetop.

Adam’s world has grown and formed its very own ecosystem, feeling personal yet touching upon universal truths. In recent months BFD’s immersive storytelling has continued to unravel, with three stand out releases on UK mainstay Lobster Theremin. [Today] The Paris based DJ and producer now debuts on Shall Not Fade’s Lost Palms label, marking a watershed moment in his relatively short career. The six track EP spans cosmic breaks and ambient soundscapes that give off an almost audio-visual vibe.

Adam’s tracks are generally accompanied by meditative song titles and sprawling pads, and EP opener ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ encompasses this perspective. The track’s subtle movement signifies that change is constant, but there’s always beauty to be found whether we’re waiting or not. ‘Sonar’ enters the fray with its bass heavy kickdrums and chopping breaks. Duality is sourced within the tracks melancholy, yet hopeful musicality, before the A-side comes to a close with ‘What’s Next’ – an ambient dreamscape that plays out amongst the cosmos.

Title track ‘Innervisions kicks things off again, this time verging slightly left but still distinctly Adam, with an ethereal glow and moon-lit glaze. Buoyant and gated pads communicate the mood in ‘M1 & I’, before The record’s end comes in the form of subaquatic beats and ocean blue arpeggios, shimmering brightly across the surface. Personal, intricate and emotive, ‘Innervisions’ is a candid story told from a producer who lets the music do the talking.