We’re overjoyed to introduce you to the the second issue of the Apparel Red catalogue, our section dedicated to live music, this time with another new entry. In fact, what will be released by the end of July 2022 will be the first LP by the ‘Choro Da Madunina’, a power trio of amazing musicians (Kal Dos Santos: percussions / Oliviero Cerrini: classic guitar / Martino Pellegrini: violin, mandolin) born in Milan in September 2015 from the encounter of Brazilian and Italian musicians, which brings a fresh Brazilian energy with their personal interpretation of the Choro. Listening to them is like making journey through Brazil of the last century, where a peculiar popular and virtuous music began to be heard from the cafes and squares of Rio and San Paolo and which, over time, gained the interest of the whole world. The promiscuity of distant genres such as classical music, Mediterranean popular music, Afro rhythms and improvisation is deeply embedded in the Brazilian musical culture and with the great immigration coming from every corner of the planet, the encounters between musicians have allowed the birth and the definition of a new genre: the Choro. ‘Choro Da Madunina’, as the name suggests, carries with it its Milanese roots, being the ‘Madunina’ the statue of the Virgin Mary atop Milan Cathedral in Italy, the ultimate emblem of Milan. The trio presents on Apparel Red their first ever album ‘Choro Da Madunina Vol.1’ composed of twelve songs: a mixture of original versions and reinterpretations of some of the Choro’s most relevant standards, with their classy and elegant touch. The record also includes a very special version of the Milanese traditional song ‘O mia bela Madunina’.