Label Name: – Telavivi Records

Release Date: – Friday, July 1 2022

Track Listing:

1_ Rome in Reverse – Hearts & Mind feat. Kyotolp

Record Sounds Like: Hearts & Mind, a soft techno track with some twist of ambient sound

Rome In Reverse takes things a little deeper with this collaboration with vocalist Kyotolp. A mixture of club-ready beats and a warm inviting vocal line that just draws you in.

This softer-edged Techno release is coming on Televivi Records on July 1st.

Artist Quote – „Two female minds can do a lot. I was sure about that since I heard for the first time Kyotolp’s voice doing beatboxing. I decided to mix the two souls, mine (techno & up beat) and hers ( a warm and sensual voice )reminiscent of the soft Berlin techno of the yesteryear.“