Label: Oath
Cat: OATH007S1
Format: Digital, Vinyl LP + Streaming
Genre: Deep House / Electronic / Ambient
Release Date: 11th Nov 2022
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In anticipation of the release of Jascha Hagen’s excellent new LP ‘Songs for A Future Generation’, Oath are proud to present the first single ‘QQQ’, the opening song from the record which will certainly wet appetites and set expectations very high indeed.

‘QQQ’ is a quintessential example of Hagen’s work, but with a twist which sets itself out beautifully as the album opener. A deeply intricate groove is interlaced with delicate melodic lines, the lead of which is deeply hypnotic and harp like in its tone. Everything feels driven and forward thinking, moving through the grooves with an ease that unravels expertly as time passes by. The gradual increase in textural intensity leads to a climax towards the mid way mark that gets the pulses going and only serves to showcase Hagen’s deft hand at handling compositions and leading proceedings from A to B. Expectations are defied as everything slows to a fazed out meatless section which slowly burns things out to a cinder, and we are all for it.