Holly Lester’s Duality Trax imprint has quickly established itself as one of most exciting emerging labels from within the modern electronic circuit. Undoubtedly inspired by the golden era of house, techno, bleep and club, the label also has its crosshairs fixated firmly on the future and has become a one-stop-shop for the very best in early-hours euphoria and contemporary heads-down sonics. The fourth in the series comes from Steffan Todorović and Joonas Arro under their Abdul Raeva alias, merging acid and psychedelia with driving rhythms.

Staying true to the concepts of gender and sonic duality, the remix comes from Australian DJ and Pure Space-founder Andy Garvey who turns in a breakbeat-laden, broken acid-techno rendition of the A2, and has recently been shared by hurfyd ahead of the EPs full launch on November 25th.

Holly Lester’s commitment to create a safer and culturally rich environment in her home country of Northern Ireland is infectious and this passion has lent itself to Duality Trax, creating a community focused on balance, harmony and respect.


  1. Atlas Corporation
  2. Death Race
  3. Death Race (Andy Garvey Remix)
  4. Guardian Of The Vault