Label Name: – Potti Records

Release Date: – Monday, December 19 2022

Track Listing:

Lean As Troy – Nothing To Hide (Original Mix)
Lean As Troy – Nothing Two Hide (Original Mix)
Lean As Troy – Life in the 60’s (Original Mix)
Lean As Troy – Project 83 (Original Mix)

Record Sounds Like: Techno

Potti Records is excited to announce the release of Lean As Troy’s new EP „Nothing to Hide“. This latest offering from the veteran producer is an immaculate piece of techno that showcases his signature atmospheric sound.

The EP kicks off with the title track, a relentless and hypnotic techno track that builds over its duration. The track is a journey through dark and moody soundscapes, with driving bass and skittering percussion.

The second track, „Nothing Two Hide“ is a more heavy affair, with a subtle and infectious groove that builds in intensity as it progresses. The track features a tight rhythm section and a beautiful breakdown that will surely satisfy any dancefloor.

The record rounds out with, „Life in the 60s“ and „Project 83“ which walk the line between astute minimalism and a more rolling club sound.

Lean As Troy’s „Nothing to Hide“ EP is a stunning addition to the Potti Records catalogue, and a must-have release for any fan of techno.