Producer, guitarist and Jazz extraordinaire Tom Ford released the music video for the latest single “Love Cadet” featuring long time collaborators South African artist Phundo Art and NY based trumpeter Keyon Harrold.

Taken from the forthcoming EP “The Return of the Tennis Champions”, “Love Cadet” is the first single from the multifaceted artist since last year’s debut EP “The Tennis Champions”. Brimming with hip-hop, electro and funk the track clusters rhythmic complexities with lyrical playfulness.

Impressively Tom Ford’s distinctive psychedelic blend of the retro and futuristic, an alluring genre-defiance and upbeat virtuosity has seen him writing and recording for many of the UK’s most promising artists. An ever-growing list of significant collaborations to his name include Poppy Ajudha, Jay Prince, Jevon, Col3trane, Daley, Swindle, Aron the Bassist and more.

Continuing his funk-loving and universal theme of exploring the dynamic of human relationships… “Love Cadet” employs a heady mixture of jazz guitar and trumpet with heavy beats and synths reminiscent of The Neptunes and Outkast providing Phundo Art and Tom a perfect launchpad for exploration.

As a Berklee College alumni and regular performer on UK and US jazz scenes, his sophisticated soul-fusion and electroacoustic compositional techniques have undoubtably created a signature Tom Ford sound.

The improvised moments of “Love Cadet” hint at Tom’s revered versatile and adventurous guitar approach and welcomes in curiosity for the rest of the upcoming EP in 2023.