Format: Vinyl Only
Genre: House – Chicago House – Acid House – Disco – Cosmic
Release Date: March 24th 2023

The old school DJ and producer returns with „Love Da House“, a release with serious club credentials with authentic New York and Chicago House influences. This 12-inch will be a firm favourite with experienced selectors, no doubt thanks to its particular Acid Disco sounds that are sure to captivate the dance floors. With these 4 tracks Recut navigates different analogue moods, kicking off with the hypnotic and vibrant „Love Da House“ with euphoric arpeggios, killer vocals and a warm groovy bass. „Trip This Way“ also has a massive bass line, cleaver percussion and Latin vibes with an original use of the sampling. On the B side both „Acid Invaders“ and „War Of Love“ demonstrate the typical depth of Recut’s sound, heady enough for the most acid and psychedelic recesses but with buckets full of energy, an essential club tool for any discerning DJ. Recut Music, Fun for Djing! Vinyl only imprint, limited stock available. So be quick !