Label: NBAST
Format: Vinyl
Genre: House / Deep House / Classic
Release Date: June 2nd 2023
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“My mother” says HDSN “is my biggest idol to date. She gave me the roots to grow and the wings to fly and pretty much dedicated her life to my sister and i. She has been holding herself accountable day in day out for more than twenty years to raise two kids as a single mom. Although my dad couldn´t be there she always kept the cable long and so we lacked of nothing – she literally gave us all that she got. It´s been her strength, her humbleness and her relentless effort which has made me and my sister the beautiful human beings we are today. Most importantly it was her acknowledgement of my passion for music that saw me being able to pursue what i call my destiny today. She has been my biggest supporter since day one even she couldn’t understand at first. She oftentimes called my music too “esoteric” little did we know how many peoples hearts these songs would touch on the way. From the very beginning i wanted to dedicate a song to her but as she was pretty delicate when it comes to my tracks i knew i needed to find the right notes to hit the right spots. It´s been eight years now since i started out to make music and with very much excitement i can announce i finally been able to thrill her soul. It´s with little hesitation that i dedicated this song which i ended up calling “Stronger” to her. I come from a family full of fighters, there have been many ups and downs for all of us but we stood strong to the struggle and managed to keep our shine. This goes especially for my sister as life dealt her a couple of rough patches early on. She was fighting her own war marching through the valley of death from a very young age. She never gave up though, thrived out of darkness into light like a poppy seed and now eventually became a mother, too. Life kinda neglected us over the year. I had to leave my loved ones behind to live my dream but there has always been a part of me that tried to find his way back home, which i finally stopped denying. “No Place Like Home” is dedicated to most important women in my life, my mother, my sister and her newborn child. This record is an homage to my family and the beauty that lies within our tribe.